1. Container Service
    We offer 5 Yard, 10 yard, 15yard, and 20yard containers for both household and construction debris. Our Ford F550 hook lifts pick up and drop off both the 5 and 10 yard containers. The truck is small enough to drop containers in those hard to reach areas that tandems cannot fit. We rent out to home owners and contractors for all types of projects your family or company requires. Containers are great for mason, roofing, plumbing and electric contractors! ***We are one of the few companies in Northern New Jersey to offer a 5 yard container!*****
  2. Clean Outs & Junk Removal
    We offer clean out services for homes, apartments, offices, sheds, garages, and commercial buildings. Perfect for spring clean outs to help get you ready for the summer! Also great for kitchen and bathroom remodels! We haul away all your junk away and even carry it out so there is no need for any heavy lifting on your part.
  3. Small Demolition
    Through a unique assortment of machines, we are perfect for small demolition. Our excavator can fit into any small space, and we also carry a small walk behind loader with our 418 Bobcat. The 418 is great for breaking up concrete with our state-of-the-art jackhammer attachment. These machines are perfect for concrete break up on your side walks or patios.
  4. After Care
    At N. Vitale Inc., we pride ourselves on ensuring that our job sites are just as clean as when we got there.